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Kanye Post VMAs Twitter Attack

Popsugar Celebrity Playoffs

Popsugar is doing this march (uh, April?) madness thingee for celebs and I had some fun making my picks this morning. You have to login to to do it, but I wanted to show you

Tom Cruise Gives Heidi and Spencer Marriage Advice: World Asks “Why?”

So, since their elopement, pseudolebrities Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have probably been getting marriage advice from the far more famous people they tend to hang out with.  And…

Fall Out Boy’s ‘I Don’t Care’ Video: Available Thursday!

Fall Out Boy delivered a very straightforward (*GASP*) message about the release of their new video for “I Don’t Care” — it’ll be available on iTunes this Thursday, September 25th. Emily

F’n MTV commercial

Uniting Pete Wentz, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and music videos. ‘Bout time, MTV.

The Hills new season trailer

Caption this: Heidi & Spencer @ Taco Bell

Ok, ok, the real caption is “Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt join Taco Bell to raise awareness in support of World Hunger Relief Week” but I’m SURE…

Spencer Pratt: Future Governer of California?

You know, I’m a california girl through and through– I want to travel the world, but I really have no desire to call any other place my home. Until I read the following <span style="font-weight:…

Heidi Montag’s ‘Body Language’

It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for: Heidi Montag of ‘The Hills‘ debuted her single on KIIS FM this morning….

Brody Jenner’s big deal birthday.

Brody “I’m kind of a big deal” Jenner arriving at his birthday party. The bash…

Buzznet take on Heidi & Spencer!

Last night Meriah and I attended The Hills Launch press event at the LG House in Malibu. At first we’d heard that Heidi Montag and Spencer…

Monday Buzz 8/6

Winning Project Runway gets you… nowhere? (POTP)

Mena Suvari where did your hairs go?! (IBBB)

Lindsay Lohan’s Elle Mag feature. Somewhere, she is inserting her foot in her…

Heidi & Spencer work out.

Um, thats called posing for the camera, not working out. I can’t WAIT ’til The Hills returns! Best worst TV ever.

Monday Buzz 7/9

Joel Madden is my hero! No serious, look who he was about to beat down! (The Dirty Disher)

Clay Aiken beaten up by a girl? (IBBB)

The Spice Girls…

Thursday Buzz 5/31

IBBB brings you “Am I Wrong?” Part III! Hahahah.

Jessica Alba is wrong. But at least she isn’t all, “Ohmygod, I’m so beautiful it hurts my career.” (INO)


Oh nooooo!

TMZ says Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt are engaged.

I guess that makes Heidi 90% indoctrinated into the cult of Spencer. Sigh.

Friday Buzz 5/11

Orlando Bloom is looking for love on… Facebook? (TBYLTH)

Spencer Pratt supports Paris. Figures. (Tra la la)

Ho on the Go, srsly? (The Dirty Disher)

Animals Rights Activists <a…

Heidi Montag: Before and After

In case you forgot (or, you know, never paid attention in the first place) Heidi Montag of MTV’s The Hills recently got a boob job AND a nose job (um, maybe…

Spencer & Heidi Speak:

MTV Reality World has an Exclusive interview with Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt of The Hills. Here’s an excerpt:

MTV Reality World: I understand you…

The Hills wraps– minus Heidi.

Last night was the finale of The Hills: Season 2. Sighhhhh. (I didn’t watch yet!@ Don’t tell me what happens!!!) Anyway, there was a glitzy wrap party at the NYC MTV Times Square studios. Just…

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