Top 5 Best Soundtrack Moments In a Movie

Soundtracks are pretty much the backbone to any epic movie scene. With the right song behind all of your favorite scenes, movies just wouldn’t be complete without music. From The Breakfast Club to Divergent, soundtracks – though on an unfortunate decline these days – set it all in motion and there’s always at least one… More »

Taylor Swift’s Contribution to the “Hunger Games” Soundtrack: Yes or No?

We’re about three months away from the release of The Hunger Games movie, based on the hit book series.  So, yep, it’s right about time for the first song or two from the soundtrack to…

Anamanaguchi To Score The Scott Pilgrim Video Game with a Hacked Game Boy

There’s a lot in the Scott Pilgrim series that refers to video games.  From the very obvious (even in the trailers for the upcoming movie you see Scott pick up an “Extra Life”) to the…

Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack Listing Revealed!

As I’ve mentioned before, in the Scott Pilgrim universe, music is pretty vital.  Which means that the soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World needs to be pretty damn sweet.

Right off…

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