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Did Robert Pattinson Steal a Song on the ‘Twilight’ Soundtrack?

Twilight and Robert Pattinson lovers, just when you thought RPattz could do no wrong, this comes along: a good friend of Rob’s has accused the actor of stealing the…

My June Top 10 Chart!

Sorry for the late, but lately I’ve been so busy: studying for two exams and a couple of events of the last week (I promised to post about them too), made me feel really really…

Bonnaroo 2011: Band of Skulls on Being Part of ‘Twilight’ And Life Without Cars

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30 Days Song Challenge: Day 3

Day 3 – I decided to post a song I really loved something like 4-5 years ago and that I had the pleasure to think again in those last days, I think it’s a perfect…

30 Days Song Challenge: Day 2

For Day 2 I chose an amazing artist in my opinion: Jennifer Love Hewitt. An artist, for me, is a person who can have great talent in a lot of…

New Paramore Sneak Peek at ‘Monster’

Paramore just posted this sneak peek at the song, ‘Monster’ that will be a part of the ‘Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon Soundtrack! Best 30 seconds of my week! The entire song will be on June 3rd, for sale June 7th and the soundtrack will be available June 14th. Go nuts, Hayley fans…. More »

‘Take Me Home Tonight’ Opens Today… Time To Name the 80’s Movie References!

Take Me Home Tonight opens today! The film stars funnypeople That 70’s Show alum Topher Grace, The House Bunny actress Anna Faris, Kung Fu Panda‘s Dan Fogler and I Am Number Four‘s

Keep Holding On – GLEE CAST

I must admit, I never loved Avril Lavigne music style, the only song I adore is “I’m with you” but when I was watching Glee, I fell in love with this song, and then I discovered is Avril’s song for Eragon movie (a really great movie in my opinion) but not for this I said:… More »

Passion GLEE

For now I bought the volume 1, I’m searching for the others one!!! GLEE POWER ps: in the next days i’ll post new blogs and stuff, i’ve been busy in the last period love ya xo

QOTD – What Is Your Favorite Soundtrack Of All Time?

It’s Music Monday, so the QOTD is all about music and stuff. What is your fave soundtrack of all time? It can be any soundtrack, from anything. That means that it’s an OST from your…

New Twilight: Eclipse Soundtrack ft. MUSE


colourless. toilet strikes.


i’m trying to get in the habit of blogging on here. it’s just that i never have anything to say.

so right now my hair is <span style="color:…

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