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8 Reasons We’re Stoked For Liam Payne’s Solo Record

Last year, tween and teenage hearts across the world broke for the very first time when One Direction disbanded. I mean, it was hard enough to see Zayn Malik leave 1D in March of 2015, and then the remaining four said “fuck this, we’re out!” Now, the universe has been devoid of all the skinny jeans, floppy hair, and… More »

ELAN Debuts Sophomore Solo Album ‘We Are’

ELAN (Elan Atias) is best known for his role as the lead singer of the reggae band The Wailers – but now he is stepping out with his solo debut album.


Name the Patrick Stump Album

HUGE news, folks!  After a balls-out performance at South by Southwest, Patrick Stump has announced that he’s currently mastering his upcoming album and will be mastering it in May in hopes of

Patrick Stump Working on Solo Album

So, the title kind of sums this up, but let’s repeat it for clarity’s sake: Patrick Stump, lead singer, rhythm guitarist and musical mastermind from Fall Out Boy, producer who’s

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