Zac Efron Opens Up About Addiction, His New Sober Life, & Kendrick Lamar In New Interview

The young “High School Musical” star, Zac Efron, is in the middle of a career comeback! It seems the public is extremely excited about his new movie “Neighbors” and we hope that the…

Happy One Year To Mehhhhhh

On Thursday June 7th I got my one year of sobriety!!! I celebrated by hanging with my close friends.. dinner at CPK.. and a beach day in Malibu.. Ivey got me an amazing silver braclet that says “fuck yeah” and has my sobriety date on it… I’m in love!! Lauren made me the coolest cookies… More »

My TOP 5 of Britney’s Outfits & Accessories – April 2011

This month the paparazzi didn’t catch a lot of pics of Britney, and I can say: i’m really happy! Because she needs to have privacy in her life as do all human beings in the…

Pink “Sober”

This video is brilliantly fucked up, dark and demented. Plus, Pink wears great outfits and makes out with herself. Yeah, it’s that awesome.

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