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Coachella Playlist Weekend 1: Day 3

Today is the first official day of Coachella, and I am sure right now people are dancing and having and amazing time watching M83! I am going next weekend and I have been getting my…

Three For Free: Deaf Havana, Sleeper Agent and Fun. Are Giving Away Their Music – Legally.

Today Megaupload was closed without the need for SOPA. For some, it will be thought of as a win against piracy and others will fear losing their free music collections. However whichever side…

Coachella 2012 Line Up Revealed !!!!

I COULD NOT POSSIBLY BE ANY MORE EXCITED FOR THIS!!!!! AHHH!!!! –Who are you most excited to see?! 

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Today Coachella posted the…

Coachella 2012 Line Up Revealed

Today Coachella posted the final line up for this year’s music and arts festival on their Facebook. Among those confirmed are the recently reunited At The Drive In and Brit-rockers Pulp. Have a look:


Baby Band Crushes 2011 / Most Anticipated 2012

If it’s one thing I need more of in 2012, it’s all of these bands! You might be like GOSH, there’s nothing ‘babyish’ about these bands but the fact of the matter is I WANT THEM TO BE BIGGER. I want the world to know. So here are the bands and artists that I hope… More »

MAY Playlist: The Summer Set, Cady Groves, The Cinema

I officially have so much good music in my itunes its hard to choose. June might need a playlist PER WEEK.

(stay tuned for some behind the scenes…

Sleeper Agent’s first show in Los Angeles

Without even their debut full length record out Sleeper Agent has managed to open up for Manchester Orchestra at The Music Box in Los Angeles, CA on June 2nd, 2011. Be sure to check out the pictures and look out for their debut album on August 16th, 2011. Photos of Manchester Orchestra at The Music… More »

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