Drop in the Bucket Benefit Concert Nov 30th in LA Ft. Henry Rollins, Corey Taylor of Slipknot, and More!


If you’re in Los Angeles on Novemeber 30th then consider yourself one lucky duck because next week you can not only see epic musical performances from…

Our Favorite Onscreen Vampires: Where Are They Now?

Anyone who thinks that Edward Cullen is the coolest, oldest, smartest and sparkliest vampire has a thing or two to learn about vampire history. Okay, maybe he IS the sparkliest, but there have been countless awesome vamps long before the Cullens ever set foot in Forks. Lots of these classics have been overshadowed by all… More »

The Hills have music.

Thanks to Audrina Partridge, anyway. Let’s be honest, she doesn’t get much credit. She’s the soft-spoken, smiley-faced token brunette on The Hills.

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