Skulls To Inspire Your Halloween Vibes

If you’re into the #dark side of life and looove Halloween as much as we do, anything that can cause goosebumps is pretty awesome. There’s no arguing that skulls are pretty freakin’ cool and while we only have a few days left of October to enjoy we put together a whole gallery of ways skulls have… More »

Lovely Bones

No longer do skulls exclusively belong to the world of Halloween – they have graduated to full on, year round, mega trend status! Your grandma still might think you have sold your soul to the devil, but rest assured the rest of the fashion world is right along with you. From boho Pamela Love howlite… More »

Feliz Dia De Muertos!

A “calavera” is Spanish for skull and “calverita” refers to the little sugar skulls that people gift and decorate for the Day of the Dead. Dia de Muertos is one of my favorite holidays,is traditionally a Mexican holiday that has spread to other Latin countries in the world. It focuses on gatherings of family and… More »

What’s On Ashlee Holmes’ Shopping List?

I’m going to be moving into yet another new apartment come September. I’m already making my shopping list for my new place. I’m going to do a gypsy wonderland theme for the majority of the apartment. Apothecary stuff, skulls, lanterns, music related things, artwork etc… In the kitchen I’m going to have more of an… More »

My Apartment: Sneak Peek!

My apartment is ALMOST finished. I don’t want to show you all yet –but I will SOON! Until then, I thought I would show you guys a small sneak peak of what to expect. Enjoy! xx

Lazy Bones Vintage Stickers

We have arrived! Im so into them right now… can’t wait to plaster the city and put them in your packages! 20% sale ends Monday!

Get The Look: Gothic Lace

Dress: Lazy Bones Vintage ( not listed yet ), Leopard Cuff: Marc Jacobs, Heels: Miu Miu, Chocker: Yard Sale, Hat: Vintage Dior, Belt: DIY

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Skull Spoons, Perfect for Brain-Eating

I know, I know.  Like me, many of you have recently been sitting around saying, “Gee, you know what I need?  An extremely morbid set of flatware.”

Well, I can’t help you out with the forks…

hot or not : Black Milk anatomist leggings ?

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Actually, the real question is : Black or white ?

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