More from Hot Topic Skelanimals Shoot

Shot my line for Hot Topic with Dirk Mai today too! Photos and video coming soon! Which do you prefer ballet slippers or stilettos?

New Skelanimals Electric Holiday Collection Shoot at Hot Topic

Skelanimals Pink Photo Shoot

This shoot was for Teen Magazine — stay tuned the ad will be out soon!!

PETA2 – Skelanimals


Skelanimals/Peta2 Photo Shoot


two more days of aspen, and then im back home in los angeles. i tried snowboarding two days ago and ended up twisting my ankle. so now i have to wear an ankle brace and…


Have you ever heard of Skelanimals? I just randomly found out about them. Dead animals need love too. What do you think? Creepy or cute? stay in love, k Check out Suffer For Fashion: Corset Training!!! & WANT… Skeletons in My Closet!!! Zero Gravity is now out on iTunes!!!

Behind the Scenes with Skelanimals

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