#TBT: The 14 Most Annoying TV Neighbors

Most sitcoms somehow work in an annoying neighbor that consistently comes over unannounced every episode. I would not be cool with that, REALLY not at all. The families always just roll their eyes and say their catchphrase put down. Why would the neighbor continue to come back after this verbal abuse? Why do they want… More »

Quiz: Which Female Character From F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Are You?

WHOA BABY! Could a Full House Revival Be In The Works?

ATTENTION 90’s babies! You might want to sit down for this! News spread today that there might be a Full House revivial in the works!

6 Minutes Of “WHOA!” with Joey Lawrence

I’ve been on a 90’s TV sitcom kick. I think I’m more interested in 90’s television than anything that’s on TV lately. If you’re a 90’s kid, then you most definitely remember Blossom

Styling Actress Vanessa Marano

I had so much fun styling actress Vanessa Marano from the ABC Family hit show Switched at Birth yesterday! I was happy to finally collab with photographer…

BUZZNET Exclusive: Ryan Newman & Jackson Brundage Dish On ‘Dad’ (VIDEO)

We gave you a sneak-peek clip a couple of weeks ago of the brand-new Nick at Nite sitcom, See Dad Run. The show centers on father and TV show star David…

Sneak Peek Of Nick’s ‘See Dad Run’: Recognize These Familiar Faces?

Nick at Nite‘s newest show hasn’t aired yet, but be prepared for one of the cutest sitcoms<span…

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