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PHOTOS: My 80s Icon Themed Magazine Editorial!

My 80s-icon themed photo editorial for my interview in the new issue of Giuseppina Magazine has come out, and I’m loving it! I got to dress up as Siouxsie Sioux, Madonna, Angelyne, Annie Lennox, Nina Hagen, and a futuristic version of Cyndi Lauper. They didn’t use all of our looks, so in this gallery are… More »

50 Brunettes Who Rock The World

Who says blondes have more fun? These are the top 50 dark-haired ladies of the last four decades who’ve proven that women can rock, and they can rock well. Click through the gallery to see the top 50 brunettes that rock, and don’t be afraid to tell me: Who’s your favorite? And did I miss… More »

My Fashion Icons

My fashion icons range from bubblegum pop princesses to Grunge queens…I guess BubbleGoth is a mixture of them all…ravers and goths all in the same pot <3 Take a look at all these fierce girls that have influenced my style and sound off about your fashion icons in the comments. X.

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