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WATCH: Kerli Talks Creativity For Stanford University

Moon Babies,

About a month ago I got together with the amazing professor Tina Seelig to talk all things creativity for her awesome online class, Creativity: Music to My Ears! 

She came over to the #BubbleGoth…

Kerli Answers Buzznet IF Questions + #MoonChild Giveaway!

Moon Babies,

Buzznet asked me to fill out some of their awesome Springtime “IF” questions – so cool! I finally got to play around with my Hello Kitty stickers and markers… BubbleGothTastic! <3

DIY Tuesday: 43 Ways To Upgrade Paper Lanterns!

Moon Babies, You know I’m all about adding that extra touch of awesome when it comes to decorating around the BubbleGoth HQ – and these paper lantern upgrades are so brilliant! You can turn a plain paper light into just about anything you want with a little imagination and some simple supplies. So fun! I… More »

Your Favorite Disney Characters Gender-Bended!

Have you ever wondered what Disney princesses and princes would look like if they changed gender?Wonder no more – a brilliant Canadian digital artist Sakimi Chan has put a gender-bending spin on some of the most gorgeous belles and handsome gents we grew up loving and the results are amazing! From a hunky, super well… More »

MoonChild Monday!

Happy Monday, Moon Babies! This week’s #MoonChild Monday brings together the amazing art, illustrations, paintings, teddy bears, fashions, and Hello Kitty cuteness of MoonChildren Carlos, Caroline, Faye, Jose, Kayla, Leeyan, Mazrak, Valeria, Renee, and Val!! So amazing!!! Do u have some MoonChild goodies u want to share?! Put them up on my Facebook or send… More »

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

From My Little Pony rollerskates to home improvement ideas to mind blowing fashion editorials – these are a few of my favorite things this week. <3 xo k More For You: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things! Fashion Obsession: On The Fringe

Fashion Obsession: On The Fringe

Fringe is such an easy and cheap way to upgrade an old jacket, a pair of cutoffs or shoes. It adds an instant touch of luxury and I’ve been adding fringe these days to tons of my things. Check out the gallery for some easy DIY ideas and some absolutely masterful art/fashion pieces created using… More »

I Can’t Believe You’re Human – Kato

Moon Babies, meet Kato! This beautiful creature does it all – She models, designs, hand-makes awesome pieces for her fashion line Steampunk Couture, gardens, and takes photos. The self-proclaimed workaholic loves to create… “Life is about creating and following your dreams. If you ruthlessly pursue that which you feel most passionately about, you’ll find that… More »

Etsy Star: Love Lee Soaps

From jelly beans and ice cream cones to adorable pandas and baby birds to zombie fingers and creepy-cute doll feet – these uber creative soap sets by Love Lee Soaps are epic! Check out the super cute gallery of delicious treats<3 And see more of the fantastical body products over at the Etsy Store!!! What’s… More »

Trans-Layers – Epic Toilet Paper Art!

I’ve been seeing tons of cool crafting ideas using toilet paper rolls lately – but I’ve never seen anything quite like this! Turkish artist, Sakir Gökcebag, takes TP’ing to a whole next level with his stunningly simplistic installation Trans-Layers where he turns this every-day object into epic forms and patterns! In the past, he has… More »

DIY Tuesday: 26 Simple & Brilliant Shoe Makeover Ideas

Moon babies, You know I’m all about recycling, reusing and reducing waste. The more attentive ones of you can spot that a lot of my performance outfits and mad platforms have been many different colors and shapes:) But it doesn’t have to be super elaborate – sometimes giving things a second life is a matter… More »

MoonChild Monday!

Happy Monday, Moon Babies! This week’s #MoonChild Monday brings together the amazing art, illustrations, tattoos, DIY goodies, puppies, fairies, and photos of MoonChildren Anisia, Bassam, Cass, Cassie, Cristina, Desiree, Mickey Wondrland, Millie, Nick, Vivi, and Zizhar!!! So amazing!!! Do u have some MoonChild goodies u want to share?! Put them up on my Facebook or… More »

BubbleGothTastic! – Chloe Citrine

TGIF, Babies 🙂 If you follow me on Facebook, you may just recognize this totally BubbleGothTastic art work from a photo I posted earlier this week – and after looking at more of her fab work, I just have to share with you! Chloe Citrine aka wyldflowa is an awesome artist/illustrator who creates some seriously… More »

Life Is Art: Edible Accessories

Italian photographer, Fulvio Bonavia, has an artistic vision like nobody else. His newest book, “A Matter Of Taste” features amazing accessories made entirely from food – yum! 🙂 Feed your appetite for strangely brilliant fashion and take a peek at these incredible edible accessories! <3 k More For You: Kawaii Life – Ideas To Upgrade… More »

I Can’t Believe You’re Human – Veruschka

Moon Babies, meet Veruschka aka Vera Gottliebe Anna Gräfin von Lehndorff-Steinort. If you follow fashion and its statuesque muses of the past and present, you may just recognize this stunning beauty from numerous covers of Vogue and ground-breaking photo series with tons of iconic photographers. With her six-foot frame, she was the first superstar model… More »

Surreal Inspiration: Fairytale Photoshoot With Real Animals!

I was surfing the web during some of my down time at home in Estonia, and I came across this truly magnificent artist… Katerina Plotnikova is a Russian photographer based in Moscow who seriously took it to a whole next level with this stunning photoshoot! With the help of amazing professional animal trainers and her… More »

Youtube Evolution Of: Paramore

Happy FRIDAY! To bring everyone’s spirits up I am going to cause a RIOT!!

By that I mean the Youtube Evolution for today will be on one of my favorite bands, PARAMORE 🙂

Pharrell & His Famous Hat Join “The Voice”!

Fortunately for us, we can continue to smile and be happy at the fact that the musical genius and mogul Pharrell Williams has officially signed on to be a judge on the popular singing competition…

DIY Tuesday: 23 Simple & Healthy Homemade Magical Elixirs!

I’ve madly gotten into juicing and blending fruits and veggies lately – It really makes a difference in the way I feel and my creativity. Especially when I drink a bottle of juice + 1 raw coconut a day…wow! The energy just goes throough the roof. I wanted to share some super simple and healthy… More »

MoonChild Monday!

Happy Monday, Moon Babies! This week’s #MoonChild Monday brings together the amazing art, illustrations, and photos of MoonChildren Alanna, Eric, Faye, Fi, Hannah, Jhaniny, Katy, P Cat, Paola, and Viviana!!! So amazing!!! Do u have some MoonChild goodies u want to share?! Put them up on my Facebook or send them to: 🙂 Integrity,… More »

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