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Hot Or Not? Miley Cyrus Wears Revealing Short Shorts

Miley Cyrus loves to shock us! A few weeks ago she caused a media uproar when she dyed her hair blonde and decided to chop off her…

Rebel Rebel: I Can’t Get Enough

One of the trends that I’m LOVING is spikes and studs on everything and anything. Even all over your body. This trend is such an easy way to show how dangerous you are, and that you don’t give a fuck! If anyone tries to mess with you, tries to piss you off, or comes to… More »

Get Shorty: Summer Shorts That Will Transition Smoothly To Fall

You might be sitting there looking at your comptuer (and by proxy, me) thinking “Um, Summer is practically over why would I even be bothered buying shorts now??? Show me some jackets or something.” To which I respond: I will GLADLY show you a plethora of jackets very soon, as I love jackets and they… More »

Celebrating Logan at Drais!

Last weekend I hit the rooftop at Drais for a pool party celebrating my friend Logan Browning’s birthday! It was such a gorgeous day in Hollywood, I ended up wearing my new yellow floral bikini with a lace neon top (target) and some high waisted denim Levis (rolled down haha) It was a fabulous Saturday.

tie dye shorts obsession.!

Obesssion at the moment. Can’t wait to try and diy these awesome, DIP DYED DENIM SHORTS! For those who know me quite well, i kinda dislike wearing jeans especially in my country because the weather is damn hot here and because i think i look better in shorts lol. Anyways, i’ve been craving for fashionable… More »

Cute Summer Shorts!

This week I sent out some of my favorite lace shorts from Sugar and Bruno (duh, I designed them) to all my buzzmaker friends. It made me think about how I actually own only two pairs of shorts, on high waisted denim pair and the lace pair- and that I need more easy, cute, shorties… More »

Spring Into Spring With These Bold, Bitchin’ Shorts

Spring is here (almost!) and you know what that means: SHORTS. You know why shorts rule? Because they can be anything you want them to be. Heading to work? Throw on some tights and a pump and you’re good to go. Going to a bar with your pals? Pair your shorts with a bootie and… More »

Weekly Fail!!!! 1-19-12

WEEKLY FAIL: High waisted shorts I know a lot of girls are gonna hate me for saying this….but I’ll say it anyway cause someone has to. Just because it’s popular, doesn’t mean we all need to wear them. I personally think it takes someone who is 6 feet tall and weighs 70 pounds to pull… More »

Weekend Outfits: 6/17-6/20

I’ve been digging the hot weather lately – I finally get to wear shorts! Here’s what I’ve been wearing, and what I’m planning to wear for the rest of the weekend:

Friday – Lunch…

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