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A Supernatural Shopping Trip With Carrie White

I’m so excited for the remake of Carrie! I grew up watching the original when I was young and it scared the crap out of me! Not to mention that I love Chloe…

In Defense Of Scrunchies

Everything old is new again. It can’t be said enough. This latest trend, though, is sure to push some people overboard on the 90s trend bandwagon. The accessory once so universally hated it was…

Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato Shopping Together Evokes Eternal Style Paradox

Are you a Ginger or a Mary Ann? A Jessie Spano or Kelly Kapowski? Christina or Britney? The dueling nature between women’s style as girl-next-door or sexy-with-an-edge is a tale as old as time. Taylor…

NEW Clothing for Sale NOW from The Fabulous Stains!

Hey guys! We just posted a TON of insanely cool/new clothing on our Etsy page, The Fabulous Stains – for sale right NOW! Everything is modeled by the lovely and talented Suzie Grime! And I just can’t get over how dope this gal is…she did such an incredible job styling everything! So, make sure to… More »

Let’s Go Shopping: 30 Fall Must Haves

HEY! So… if you haven’t done your fall shopping yet… you’re in luck!! I’m about to share what MY Fall MUST HAVES are. I know fashion week isn’t even over yet, but I was never really one that did my shopping soley based on the trends of the runway. Everyone has a different style… but… More »

Brandy Melville: One Size Fits Most?

As you may know, I am a frequent Youtube user. I constantly turn to the internet when I’m unsure of a certain situation, or more honestly, when I’m super bummed – and I’m…

Outfit Of The Day – Summer Time Polka Dots

Happy Monday Buzznet! What are you all up to this week? I’ve got a busy week up ahead with all kinds of work and…

Summer Shopping Guide video blog!

Hi Guys!

Check out this little video I made with my favorite shopping tips, Here are the things that I look out for when…

17 Simple And Adorable Food Earrings

I am always online shopping…actually more like online browsing dreaming of things I want to buy. Nevertheless I am always looking at clothes and accessories online. I came across…

Online Summer Festival Shopping Guide

It’s April already, which means more and more festivals are approaching which call for an updated Summer wardrobe! I have found some super cute trends that I see people rocking that I feel are perfect for any festival. I put together a gallery of all of the best festival trends I could find to guide… More »

Agyness Deyn’s Newest Collaboration with Dr. Martens

One of my favorite British models, Agyness Deyn, recently collaborated with Dr. Martens for a SS 2013 collection – including clothing, shoes and accessories…

Love or Lust?

Ah…the age-old question. Is it just a fleeting feeling? An innocent crush? A hot and heavy, heat of the moment lust? Or a true love, once in a lifetime, fated, fairytale ending in the making? Oh, and I am talking about shopping of course. Yes, my name is Kathryn and I am a shopaholic. What… More »

Mark Your Calendars: Record Store Day Is April 20th!

Mark your calendars music lovers! Record Store Day returns on April 20th for its seventh year. The concept…

Emerging Talent: Market Colors By Lizzie Wirgau


My friend Lizzie Wirgau, who I have known for many years now, is doing something really cool. Not only is she helping…

Nasty Gal Spring 2013

Nasty Gal aways does it better. I’m huge fan of the brand that forever keeps outdoing themselves! Check out their recent Spring 2013 lookbook – I don’t think I can chose a favorite as they are all pretty stellar! THOUGHTS?

Jac Vanek $10 T-Shirt Sale!

NOHING is better than good quality shirts with insanely inspirational quotes on them. Thanks to my main favourite Jac Vanek, her website has TEN DOLLAR SHIRTS AND TANKS! Whaaat. Can’t beat that! Here is the link to her sale shirts: // I’ve already received my “Human Soul” tank, and I literally just ordered my “There… More »

Shuku New York: Top 25 UNDER $100

I’m currently obsessed with this brand called Shuku New York. I’ve been following them on Instagram and I love everything they post. I decided to finally check out their site. Turns out they are super affordable. Check out my top 25 favorite items for under $100. I even included the links for you! xx Happy… More »

Would You Pay $55,000 For The Olsen Twins’ Backpack?

We may now know why the Olsen Twins have a combined net worth at $100 million since they’re charging $55,000 for backpacks! Made out of…

On Set With Dani Vitale, Mandy Jiroux, Dirk Mai For As U Wish & Lily White Photo Shoot (VIDEO)

I had such an awesome time modeling with fellow Buzzmaker Mandy Jiroux on set of the As U Wish, Lily White photo shoot with photographer Dirk Mai. I’m obsessed with…

10 “Ugly” Holiday Sweaters That Are Actually Cute

Did you get invited to an ugly sweater party this holiday season? Well, as much as they’re called ugly sweaters, we at Buzznet actually live for ugly sweaters! We know that not everybody is into them, hence the reason why there is an ugly holiday sweater party to begin with! LOL. Check out these so-called… More »