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Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Shay Todd Flagship Store Opening in LA [July 7th, 2011]

WOOOOOW!!! They are damn gorgeous!!! Bill is awwwwwwwww *ççççççççççç*

At least, they became friends of those two beside them (Shay Todd is the woman), already seen at Nivea Poolside Party!



Fluffy Carrot

Today I was for the whole day at IKEA for house shop with my parents… we bought a new table for the living room and new chairs. and take a look for a new dresser for their bedroom and bought other stuff and I couldn’t resist when I saw this cute carrot xp it’s really… More »

I’m just like a little kid when I open gifts

I’m waiting for Femme Fatale Premium Edition (today it should to arrive it to me! AAAAWWWW *w*)and a couple of minutes ago, rang on my door, it was the postman, of course and I was…

Target is still not cool.

I love Target, I really do. But not for clothes. Never ever ever for clothes. Everytime I decide to take a chance and head to the dressing room with a skirt and a jacket and…

Style/Shop round-up

The Gap is uninspired. Duh. (reuters)A secret tip for Target shoppers. (curbly)Bunny Shop’s styling contest.Miu Miu photoshops the hell out of Lindsay Lohan. (fashionologie)Wear your heart on your sleeve arm. (Fred Flare)Underrated item of the…

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