How Ke$ha Snaked Miley Cyrus’ Instagram Style!

Miley Cyrus is currently locked in as the top celebrity to raise some eyebrows. It may shock some people, but Miley’s attention-grabbing ways are working. Her new music is killing it on the charts, and there’s no way to say that it isn’t helped by her revealing ways. It looks like Ke$ha may want in… More »

Hot Or Not? Miley Cyrus Wears Revealing Short Shorts

Miley Cyrus loves to shock us! A few weeks ago she caused a media uproar when she dyed her hair blonde and decided to chop off her…

Miley Cyrus Sports New Pixie Cut!

Miley Cyrus’ hair seems to be getting short and shorter every week! This week she decided to shock us even more with a dramatic new look! Miley tweeted counting down through out this entire week and now we know what the count down was for! Miley chopped off her locks and is now sporting a… More »

Lady Gaga Poses Naked On The Internet!

Just when you thought it was getting harder for Lady GaGa to shock us… Gaga suprised her little monsters with a salacious picture. A NAKED picture! She wrote as the caption:

“Resting after…

2010’s Most Shocking Celebrity Moments

As we begin to wrap up 2010 with these remaining December weeks, let us bask in the moments of 2010 that we will never forget. Bruno Mars was caught with drugs, Wyclef Jean

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