Amanda Bynes Shaved Her Head But Not In A Britney Spears Way

When someone told me earlier today that Amanda Bynes shaved her head, my mind immediately went here: 

Luckily for us…

Charlize Theron Shaves Off Hair: Hot Or Not?

Charlize Theron stepped out on Monday in Beverly Hills sporting her newest haircut: a shaved head! She was covering the new buzz cut with a fedora, so we can’t really see it properly, but she looks amazing, obviously. Now if you’re wondering why she took such a big leap, well it’s because of her new… More »

Rihanna New Hair: Hot Or Not?

Rihanna’s one of the celebs known for changing her look, especially her hairstyle every now and then. And she done it again ladies and gents! She has darkened her hair to the color black with the left side of her head shaved. She revelaed the new cut on Twitter with Instagram telling fans: “Cuz I’m… More »

Partially Shaved Heads: CUTE or NOT

Lately, a lot of people (both celebs and normals) have been sporting partially shaved heads. What’s the deal? Could this be the hot new trend for Fall?

Here are some celebs spotted sporting the ‘do…

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