Happy Shark Week! 70 Thrilling Shark Tattoos

Happy Shark Week! What better way to kick of the best week of the year than with a shark tattoo gallery? These people take their love for sharks to a whole new level by getting them tatted on their bod. Some have cute shark tattoos and others really show off the fierceness of sharks. Whether… More »

30 Of The Best Shark Fashion!

IT IS THE START OF THE BEST WEEK EVER! SHARK WEEK!!! I seriously can’t express how much I love sharks, ugh the best! I used to have a small one as a pet and want a real big one day… a girl can dream right? Here are 30 of my fave shark fashion items…what is… More »

It’s Shark Week But Sharks Are Gross

Actually, sharks are not gross. They are pretty amazing apex creatures that get a bad rap. Sure, they eat people sometimes but so do other people (I think that’s still a thing but I don’t…

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