separated at birth

Separated at birth: Katy Perry & Zooey Deschanel

After the success of my first blog dedicate to “Separated at birth” between the sexy medium Jennifer Love Hewitt and the super cute Buzznet girl Hanna Beth, I decided to do…

Separated at birth: Jennifer Love Hewitt & Hanna Beth

Finally I’ve found a little bit of time for to do this journal, I wanted to do a lot of times ago…

Maybe I…

Separated By A Chin

Left: Bruce & Demi’s daughter, Rumer Willis. Right: Mr. Incredible.P.S. This is kind. Remember this???? from


Left: Kathy Griffin, on a good day. Right: Andy Dick in drag as his character “Daphne Aguilera.” from

Separated By Harry

Left: Prince William. Right: Harry of Harry & The Hendersons. from

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