(VIDEO) Ashlee Holmes Visits With Her Boyfriend’s Family

Sean’s Uncle ( Dana ) and Aunt ( Katee ) live in Long Beach as well as Sean’s “Grand Pap” as he so adorbaly calls him and Step Grandmother ( Diane ). However, my boyfriend had some extra special family in town for the weekend. His Mom ( Donna ) , Uncle ( Don ),… More »

Ashlee Holmes’ July Instagram Pics

This month has been the most interesting month of the year so far! I came home to NJ for a summer visit. My boyfriend got to come for a few days too! I’ve gotten to reunite with my family and best friends again, I’ve been out to a Yankee Game, had some fun in New… More »

Nickelback — In Real Life.

When I first started dating my boyfriend, he showed me a bunch of films that he made with his friends over the years. Sean and his best friend, Pasquale Greco have been making films and other random videos since they were little. They’ve filmed a variety of things from random funny music videos to actual… More »

Cutie Pie

Last weekend my boyfriend’s Mom and step Dad was in town from West Virginia. Sean & I went to go visit his grand pap in Long Beach with them. While I was there I stumbled upon a few adorable pictures of Sean when he was a little kid. He was seriously THE CUTEST kid ever…. More »


My boyfriend Sean was THE CUTEST little boy EVER!!! Wasn’t he?? –& He’s still cute, lucky me! 😉

Bon Iver Performs At The Joint In Las Vegas

I didn’t record the above video, but I attended the show! My boyfriend’s birthday was on March 25th. He turned 26 years old. Sean is a HUGEEEEEE fan of Bon Iver so for his birthday, I got us tickets to Bon Iver’s show at The Joint at The Hard Rock in Las Vegas. It was… More »

Weekend 12/10 – 12/12

Check out some pictures from my first few moments back in LA. You can also see the friends that I got to hangout with over the weekend, including the night that my purse got stolen.

Venice, CA

Yesterday I went to the beach with my boyfriend and some of my other favorite people. It was so fun! At one point my boyfriend (Sean) &I collected a few cool rocks and sea shells. It was nice to hangout in a different environment other than Hollywood. I had a great time hanging out with… More »

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