To Say That I Love Kat Isn’t Enough!

So, this morning my postwoman knocked on my door and she said me there was a huge envelope for me, I was like: oh Goodness! Kat’s gifs! *_* And this is it!

I’m soooo soooo happy…

Fashion Scrapbook

Oh my gosh, ladies! I found the most entertaining thing to do!

Okay, actually Erika found it. The other day she bought me a scrapbook and an…

Over It – Video Scrapbook (2005) Teaser 1

Yessss, one of my favorite bands, one of my favorite songs, and a video scrapbook created by my most favorite person in the world 🙂 It’s got a lot of effects, so it doesn’t look THAT stellar here on the internet… but oh, I adore it nonetheless. Watch watch! And await part II….

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