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Tina Photo Bombs, JGL And Zooey Get Cozy: Highlights Of 2012 Golden Globes

If you didn’t get the chance to watch the 2012 Golden Globes, or loved the telecast so much you want to relive it again, we’ve got all the highlights! Now that the…

Sarah Silverman Gets Hot and Heavy With… A Unicorn?

For those individuals out there still looking for love, Sarah Silverman has a message for you: Maybe you’re looking for love with the wrong species! In this video the comedienne teams up with Juicy Fruit’s Serenading Unicorn for a look into heartbreak, joy and the abundant pleasures of interspecies romance. Would YOU want a serenading… More »

Friday Buzz 2/2

Nicole Richie, fat camp counsler?!
Wait… MTV SRSLY HAS A SHOW CALLED JUVIES? (imbringingbloggingback)
McDreamy had Mcbaby twins! Awwww. (Jossip)Viva La Sex Offender? Don Vito is gross. (Yahoo)Christina Ricci in Italian VOGUE. (Bastardly)Take a peek at the…

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