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How funny would this be if it were true? Picked up from Allie Is Wired

Tuesday Buzz 5/8

Sanjaya is RECORDING AN ALBUM?! (seriouslyomg)

How To Attend a Party in the Shortest Possible Time. (MSN)

Paris wants to be pardoned. By the Governator. (Evil Beet)

Verizon stopped sponsoring Gwen’s Tour because…

Thursday Buzz 4/26

Hey, psst– your boyfriend is wearing MAN LEGGINGS. (Go Fug Yourself)

Eve busted for DUI. Sigh. (Evil Beet)

Don’t piss off Hugh Grant, he’ll…. throw beans at you?…

Tuesday Buzz 4/24

Grading last night’s Heroes return. I’m SO GLAD it’s back. (


Sanjaya did the Letterman Top Ten last night. (Pop Bytes)

Britney’s bringin’ abs back. (Evil Beet)

Deep Thoughts…

Tuesday Buzz 4/17

Sanjaya is Maxim’s Girl Of The Day. Yeah, you read that right. (link via Evil Beet)

Happy Birthday Jen Garner! I love her. I should watch 13 Going…

Monday Buzz 4/16

Gwen’s lifelong diet. (intoGossip)

9 Hottest Celebs on the Web. Yeahhhh Trent! (ONTD)

When Jack Bauer runs out of interrogation ideas. Hahaha (TV Squad)

Dear Nick Lachey, can…

Wednesday Buzz 4/11

I know, I know, I’m breaking your wentz-loving hearts. (ONTD)From the Ponyhawk to the Fuzzstache– Sanjaya evolves? (JustJared)Bloggers code of conduct, eh? (oreillyradar)The Hills: Season 3 will be returning in the summer! (IBBB)Britney’s head-to-toe plastic…

Thursday Buzz 4/5

ANTM photoshoot #6. Erm, I didn’t like this shoot. But I guess I like Jael’s the best. (ONTD) If you didn’t watch, check out IBBB’s recap!Reese Witherspoon + Jake Gyllenhaal? Aw. (Holy Candy)No one is…

American Idol Update:

I only ever watched American Idol for Gwen, but I still keep up. So here’s the Buzz: – The bigwig record execs behind American Idol are “really nervous” that Sanjaya will ACTUALLY win. TMZ says,…

Monday Buzzed 4/2

Britney 2.0? Oh no, that’s just Jaime-Lynn. (IBBB)That whole “starving for sanjaya” thing is over. (Allie is Wired)A social networking site built on… bookworms! Blades of Glory was this weekends flick-hit. (celebridiot)Slimey Justin Timberlake pics….

Sanjaya butchers No Doubt.

Sanjaya performed No Doubt’s Bathwater on last night’s American Idol.Was that not painful to watch? I think I actually got warm, fuzzy feelings for Simon Cowell when he said “Well I PRESUME there was no…

Don’t Speak, er, Don’t Sing My Song Sanjaya.

I really could care less about American Idol, but I’m tempted to care a smidge this week since my girl Gwen Stefani is guest-judging. Or something.ONTD has some spoilers and some rumors, one is which…

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