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Magical Fall 2013 Line by Samii Ryan!

 Halloween isn’t the only time to celebrate Magic and Witch-y things. Now you can spellbind all year long with the gorgeous Fall 2013 line by 

Photo Recap: Jessi Jae Joplin Attends WWD Magic!

Hi guys! Although I’ve had such a busy/exciting summer…I wanted to take this moment to share an amazing fashion adventure I embarked on! Well, I recently traveled to Las Vegas to serve as an official blogger for WWDMagic Convention…and I must say, I had an incredible time! It was so amazing to once again be… More »

Fashion Favorite: Birthday Girl Samii Ryan

Today is one of our lovely Buzzmakers‘ days of birth! Samii Ryan is our go-to-girl for everythnig and anything en vogue. She has such an eye for style and design, which is just a tiny fraction of the infinite reasons we love this gorgeous gal. To celebrate her 22nd birthday, we have compiled 22 of… More »

Dim Mak x Joy Rich: Let Them Eat Cake

Last week I attended the Let Them Eat Cake event at The Act in Las Vegas while I was at WWD Magic. The event was hosted by HannaBeth,Joy Rich, Dim Mak & The Cobra Snake…and it was such a blast! So many of my friends were there, including Bebe Zeva, fellow Buzzmaker Samii Ryan, Luna… More »

Experience Fashion Trade Show MAGIC With The Buzzmakers!

Magic Market Week in Las Vegas, NV is the epicenter of fashion! This week designers and brands from all over the world are mingling with store buyers and fashionistas to stock their shelves…

BUZZNET Exclusive: CYBER MONDAY DEALS From Our Favorite Brands!!

We ate our way through Thanksgiving and braved the shopping lines on Black Friday. Now it’s time to indulge in online shopping deals! That’s right – it’s Cyber Monday and BUZZNET is proud to present TONS of amazing deals from all our favorite brands. We’ve got bargains on everything from clothes and accessories to teeth… More »

Winter Wear: Combat Boots

Ah, Starbucks has their red cups, Charlie Brown is on T.V., and I can already hear those sleigh bells ring-a-linging… but the best part is the WINTER WEAR. One style I’m lovin’ is combat boots; pair them with a denim or army jackets, leggings and you’re completely ready for a fashionable night out. Check out… More »

Fall Trends: Army Jackets

Fall is approaching: that means plenty of hot coffee, overzised sweaters, and candy corn! One trend I’m loving is the ARMY JACKET trend! I own a very special army jacket myself, and it is the best thing in the whole wide world. If you aren’t obsessing over army jackets, you don’t know the meaning of… More »

You Spike Up My World

Happy Wacky Hair Wednesday! I lovelovelove spiked hair bands, so I dedicated a gallery full of ’em, with Samii Ryan head chains (buy them HERE) and ever the lovely Miss Hanna Beth lookin’ like a total babe in her spiked head piece. Would you rock the spiked head piece?! xx.

Love In Her Heart, Flowers In Her Hair

Y’know what today is… WACKY HAIR WEDNESDAY! Ah, I love nothing more than themed days of the week. Anyway, this gallery is full of flowers headbands, and flowers in hair because nothing in life is better than cute hair and pretty flowers. Am I right, or am I right? So, check out this gallery of… More »

65 Fierce Feather Tattoos

My favourite day of the week… TATTOO TUESDAY! Today’s tattoo’s are inspired by feather’s: which are one the most beautiful things to me. I absolutely love how they look, and how detail really makes a feather tattoo worth getting. I’ve collected a whole bunch of photos, and even some from Samii Ryan and Demi Lovato!… More »

Clothing Companies We Love Thanks To Warped Tour (Part 2)

Warped Tour always seems to bring the best clothing companies with them! I know my day is instanly made when i combine music and fashion. Here are some more clothing companies you should…

Week 3: Make Your Hair Fashionable At Warped Tour

This week in A Fashionista’s Guide To Looking Cute At Warped, We are covering the standout hairstyles to wear to this years fest. Everyone is always worried about their hair, especially in the heat and humidity.I’ve included hairstyles, hats and hair accesories that will make you a little more fashionable. Make Sure To Check Out… More »

Samii Ryan: How to Bleach Hair

What you will need: Loreal Quick Blue Powder Bleach 30 Volume Creme Developer Purple Shampoo For lighter hair leave on 20-25 For darker hair leave on up to 45 mins, might need to bleach several times to get desired colors! Hope this helps youuuu!! xx

Sammi Ryan Giveaway Contest

To Enter The Contest Tweet @TheHannaBeth and @SamiiRyan your favorite summer memory We will pick 3 winners who will get a gift pack of Sammi Ryan Products. To Check Out Her line go to good luck!! xxoo

Summer Music Festival Style ft Bebe Rexha, Jac Vanek and more!

I LOVE BAMBOOZLE! Any music festival, really…. What’s better than good music and great friends??Anyway, here are some pics of my friends i from Bamboozle a few months ago. Enjoy!


OKAY… so I’m obsessed with feathers.. and I just so happened to stumble upon a lovely designer by the name of Samii Ryan.. she makes AMAZING stuff!! A LOT of celebrities have been seen wearing…

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