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TV Guide interviews Gabe and ♥Ryland♥ of Cobra Starship

Discussions about yoga, cars crashing into buses, becoming a band and the infamous story of Gabe finding The Cobra in the desert. I think I may love them more than I ever thought possible. And if you guys need a shower on Warped, my place is available.

Let’s Do It

Yeah, let’s just fucking do it.

No, not THAT.

And no, not “Fall in looooove!”  Though I do highly recommend the Joan Jett cover of that particular song.  Look it up, it was used in the Tank…

Cheer up, emo kids!

So, yesterday I did my extra gleeful concert write up.  Because I was extra gleeful.

But now I’d like to talk about something that simply boggled my mind at the Cobra show Wednesday night.

The concert was…

Cobra Starship at Diesel 3/5/2008 OR Thoughts on G-A-B-E getting me high and Ryland’s fine, fine ass

So, I have officially decided that from now on, I will be listing my religion as “Church of Hot Addiction.”  Because yesterday may as well have been a fucking religious experience.

Long story short, found out…

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