‘Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal’ Is The New Best Thing Ever

Thank you. Thank you world for knowing it was time for a brand new Ryan Gosling meme for us all. In what appears to be the first breakout success on VINE, director Ryan…

EW WHY? Lindsay Lohan Is Covered In Bruises and Vanessa Hudgens Needs To Stop

^This is me reading the daily news. 

It’s only Wednesday and yet so much weird sh*t has happened in Hollywood already. Let’s…

All You Can Get: Ryan Yoon For Virgin Magazine

Ryan Yoon is amazing anyway but I just found this epic editorial called “All You Can Get” that he shot for the premiere issue of Virgin Magazine a little while back. The editorial uses everyday objects like laundry detergent packs and coke cans to create amazing looking fashion and visuals. Gorgeous! -k Check out Skelanimals!!!… More »

Ryan And Jared dancing and singing to FF5 Love Addict :D


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