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It’s Over! Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling ‘call it quits after two years of dating!

DailyMail:They seemed to be crazy about each other when they stepped out regularly in LA with her dog Hugo.

10 Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Season Ever

It’s ‘Fall In Love‘ month here at Buzznet and we are getting super excited for fall! I love fall and everything that comes…

20 Celebs Pretending To Be Covered In Tatts

I stumbled upon a pic of Kim Kardashian covered in tattoos and was like woah. Imagine if some of your favorite celebs who are clean skinned were covered from head to toe in tats? The Internet has used its photoshop skills to make our imaginations wonder no longer. I have gathered some of the craziest… More »

Looking Back: Ryan Gosling & Justin Timberlake Singing on Disney!

Here at Buzznet we absolutely adore Justin Timberlake & Ryan Gosling. These two are definitely some of Hollywood’s hottest stars today and let me tell you it’s the cutest thing watching throwback vids…

‘Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal’ Is The New Best Thing Ever

Thank you. Thank you world for knowing it was time for a brand new Ryan Gosling meme for us all. In what appears to be the first breakout success on VINE, director Ryan…

20 Hot Guy Poses Vs. Dog Poses

We loved user Gavreel Monroe’s post ‘20 Male Models Poses vs Kitten Poses‘ so much that we had to go ahead and do the same with dogs! These hunky dudes have some steep competition with…

WIN Gangster Squad DVD!

Here at Buzznet it’s no secret that we think Ryan Gosling is the ultimate hottie.

To honor the DVD release of Gangster Squad and the amazingness that is RyGos (+

Movie Inspiration: Harry Potter Outfit to Die For

Harry Potter fans- I’ve tracked down the perfect Wizard girl ensemble from polyvore.com. This look includes items like a Gryffindor class ring, Bellatrix Bird Skull necklace, & Deathly Hallows earrings. Rock this getup at your next LAN party and even Emma Watson is guaranteed to be jealous!

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Ryan Gosling Was Supposed To Be Sixth Backstreet Boys Member!

Boy bands have made a serious comeback since the 90s, but we can’t forget one of the original ones: the Backstreet Boys! It’s been…

Why Is Ryan Gosling’s Mom Wearing Eva Mendes’ Clothes?

We’ve heard of girls wearing their boyfriend’s clothes, but we’ve never heard of moms wearing their son’s girlfriend’s clothes… until now! Uber-hunk Ryan Gosling attended the premiere of his…

BUZZNET’s Hump Day Hottie Of 2012

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Celeb Holiday Gift Guide

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10 Celebs We Want To Kiss On NYE

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Happy Birthday Ry-Gos! You’re A Mega Babe!

On this day, 32 years ago, Ryan Gosling was born – and since then, he’s been doing a whole lifetime’s worth of good. From enchanting us with his good looks and ‘Hey Girl’s’ to being a modern day superhero to entertaining us in various movies, we can’t thank our lucky stars enough for this work… More »

Which Celeb Was Ryan Gosling Caught Cheek-to-Cheek With? (Hint: NOT Eva Mendes!)

As far as we know, Hollywood’s favorite real-life superhero Ryan Gosling is (unfortunately) still with his gal-pal, lucky actress Eva Mendes. While rumors swirled that the couple had split up,…

Who Made Ryan Gosling Cry?

He may play some really tough characters in his movies, like his driver character in Drive, but even Ryan Gosling is capable of having a good…

One Direction Comic Book (VIDEO)

What do you get for that One Direction fan who has everything? A One Direction comic book, of course! Following on the heels of news of a Ryan Gosling coloring book, Bluewater Production…

Is Eva Mendes Popping The Question To Ryan Gosling?! (VIDEO)

Pretty much every girl out there dreams of tying down Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes just may be doing something about it. There are rumors that the hunk’s girlfriend is planning to propose on…

BUZZNET Exclusive: Haley Strode Talks Ryan Gosling & ‘Gangster Squad’ (VIDEO)

Haley Strode is one lucky gal: in addition to her gorgeous looks and a number of roles on shows like CSI: NY, Castle, Whitney and The New Normal, she stars in the…