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How Many Stars Did I Give ‘HOP’?

Hey guys! I went to a screening of HOP screening this weekend with mediocre expectations, but I’m not one to turn down a movie let alone a free one. I…

Eva Longoria @ EMA’s 2010 (backstage & show)

In my opinion the best female host of the show of all the EMA’s era
: funny, sexy and for nothing boring; Eva Longoria is one of my fav actresses and models, I would kill…

They are so beautiful together. 

I am infinitely happy for you.
Wish You many years of living together, my dears!
All, nothing else willn’t…

Russell Brand Does Shakespeare. To Be Or Not To Be Funny?

That title totally sounds like a set-up for a joke, right?  Like, below this text you’ll expect to find a video of Russell Brand reciting Shakespeare jokingly or something like that.

But I’m completely serious.  Russell…

Celebrity Nursing Home

Let’s face it – Some of our fave celebs are going to get older whether we like it or not. Let’s take a look into the future and see who grows a hump, looses their hair, or gains more liver spots than fans in the years to come.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand to Marry In Latex

While Katy Perry may have donned a wedding gown in the video for ‘Hot and Cold,’ reports are rolling in that she and fiance, comedian Russell Brand, will be wearing something very different for their…

Russell Brand and Katy Perry Engaged

There’s romance in the air this Winter,
either that or 2010 is the year to pop the question!

Russell Brand and Katy Perry got Engaged on their…

Panic at the Disco Propose Beer and Bible Study with The Jonas Brothers

Panic at the Disco, currently on the Rock Band Live Tour with Dashboard Confessional, know what it’s like to be the group of guys who get teen hearts

Twilight Fans not Dazzled by Russell Brand

So, for those of you who haven’t heard, fans of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series are unhappy with VMA host Russell Brand.  Brand is already in hot water with teenage fans for mocking

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