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Escape the Fate Recording New Album – With New Singer!: Buzznet Exclusive

In case you didn’t see this coming, Escape the Fate announced today that they’re going into the studio to record a new album and Craig Mabbit, formerly of <span…

Ronnie Radke Steps Up for Blessthefall

Las Vegas — Ex-Escape the Fate singer Ronnie Radke stepped up to perform a song as Blessthefalls lead vocalist on…

Comments from Michael Cook’s mother

I’d like to let this go in light of recent events, but some people were making some really insensitive comments in response the Ronnie Radke post. I just wanted you let you guys…

Weighing in on Ronnie Radke’s situation

Holy mother of drama in the comments! I can’t even keep up with all the opinions and arguments that flew around in response to the Ronnie Radke sentencing item.

<img style="width:…

Beware Your Heroes

We all have heroes.  Fictional or real, we all have people we look up to for so many reasons.  For their actions, for their words, for their music, for all of the above.  And we…

Ronnie Radke sentenced


Bad news, Escape the Fate fans, bad news:

After pleading guilty to battery charges related to a brawl [involving
guns] that lead to the death of a boy named…

Ronnie Radke booted from Escape The Fate?

Madison  is relayin’ a message from Max Green’s myspace right hurrrr.

She also said there’s a rumor going around that he’s selling his body for money.

To which…

Escape the Fate – Situations

How much do I love this video?

Almost more than I love these pictures:

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