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To Beard Or Not To Beard – Rock Stars

ZZ Top‘s Billy Gibbons revealed that he turned down $1 million to shave off his beard. Was staying loyal to his facial fuzz the right decision? If you happened to have a spare $1 million lying down the back of your couch, are there any rockers who you would bribe to rid themselves of chin… More »

#42 Kerli

This pixieish blonde calls Björk her musical inspiration and Sigur Rós her favorite band. The Estonian beauty has a unique style, is mesmerizing to watch, and has fast become the Queen of Bubble Goth. At only 24, she’s got an “Army of Love” behind her that’s sure to enlist you into the “Moon Children” movement…. More »

Because They’re Fscking Rock Stars, THAT’S Why!

Ever wonder what rock stars ask for on their buses?  The Smoking Gun has posted the rider (the guidelines of how to make sure the band travels in style) for rock gods The Foo…

So You Wanna Be a Rock Star?

Rock Band just not cutting it for you anymore?  You want a REAL rock and roll experience?

Well then, my friend, you are in luck!  Because the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp is on tour…

Young Love, Shirt-Free

Would I like you to watch Young Love‘s “Find a New Way” video? Yes, absolutely. Because it’s a good song. But that’s not really the issue I’d…

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