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Album Covers Reimagined With Kittens

Rock and roll meets cats? How more perfect could something be! These covers of your favorite albums modeled by kittens is kinda genius! Click into the gallery above and be prepare to die of this edgy kitten cuteness! Which kitten album cover is your favorite? 


I thought I would post a Vintage band of the month before June is over. The Doors are an American band known for their crazy lead singer Jim Morrison. I believe this video was made in 1967. Jim Morrison died in 1971 at the age of 27 and he joined the 27 Club for singers… More »

✭ O-Star: Jessi Jae Joplin Stars in Rock Musical ✭

I was recently cast as the lead in this awesome indie rock musical O-Star… and I couldn’t be more excited! The…


LYNYRD SKYNYRD was a Southern Hard Rock band in the mid 60’s through 1977 when 6 members died in a horrific plane crash in Mississippi. Ronnie Van Zant the lead singer was killed along with two other band members, the pilot, their manager and one other person. Freebird is one of those iconic songs from… More »

Why Fall Out Boy WILL Save Rock and Roll

Fall Out Boy‘s return has been rumoured for weeks thanks to a plethora of music writers jumping on the…

Women of Rock and Roll Past and Present

For those of you who don’t know, rock is by far my favorite genre of music. I have always listened and admired woman of rock because they are strong, independent, talented, rocking ladies! And most importantly they show that they can rock out just as hard as the guys! Here are a few of my… More »


OKAY so it is Jack Skellington !!! After Dr.Mojo got out of his costume Jack wanted to try on the JIMI wig and play Dr.Mojo’s guitar 😀 View in full size

Blondie LIVE at Club Nokia

This past week I was so lucky to have snagged free tickets to see Blondie live in concert at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles. I went with my friend Laura Brown of Pretty Star Clothing and we had such a blast getting our 80s nostalgia on. Debbie Harry is one of my biggest influences… More »

Chickfest at AMPLYFI in Los Angeles

This past Saturday my band, The Ruckus, played at this awesome little venue in Hollywood called AMPLYFi! It was for their first ever CHICKFEST where they featured girl fronted rock bands! It was a really cool venue and I had such a fun time rockin’ out with my band! I was so excited that some… More »

It’s Only Rock and Roll (But I Like It): Wildfox 2011 VIDEO!!

I can’t get enough of American Vintage-Inspired brand, Wildfox Couture’s, latest lookbook video for Fall 2011!  They are constantly seeking inspiration from the era of rock n’ roll and this is especially true for…

THIS SATURDAY: Amplyfi Presents – CHICKFEST featuring The Ruckus!

Come see my band, The Ruckus, perform LIVE this Saturday, September 24th at Amplyfi for their first ever CHICKFEST featuring all female fronted bands all day and night!  We go on at…

It’s Only Rock n Roll: WIldfox Fall 2011

I must say, each Wildfox Couture collection is better than the last.  I am obsessed with their latest Fall 2011 line, which channels the 1970’s. It reminds me of “Almost Famous” and…

NY Fashion Week: The Prince Peter Collection

The first event we hit was the Prince Peter…

So You Wanna Be a Rock Star?

Rock Band just not cutting it for you anymore?  You want a REAL rock and roll experience?

Well then, my friend, you are in luck!  Because the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp is on tour…

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