Morning Life Adjustments That Will Make You More Productive

It’s hard to imagine being productive in the morning, however it can be the best time to get things accomplished and motivate the rest of the day. Sure, we can all relate to the #struggle of getting out of bed in the AM, but try adding the following tiny tasks to your routine and be amazed at… More »

Katy Perry Drops Inspiring New Olympic Anthem “RISE”

The Summer 2016 Olympics in Rio are just a few weeks away, and with team USA finalizing their competitors, it’s a no brainer that an anthem was needed to pump up the world for the Olympic games! Fortunately for us, Katy Perry exists and just dropped an insanely powerful new single, “RISE.”   The pop mega-star belts the… More »

Rise Against: ‘It Gets Better’

Rise Against just released a music video for their Endgame song “Make it Stop (September’s Children)” in support of the It Gets Better Project. The video narrates the lives…

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