WATCH: Charli XCX Premieres Retro ‘Breaking Up’ Music Video!

Charli XCX is at it again with a brand new music video! The punky-pop goddess has released a rather retro video for her song, “Breaking…

These are a few of my favorite things!

From everything kitschy to Tokyo streets to Virgin Mary reimagined – these are a few of my favorite things this week<3

Vintage-Inspired Bathing Suits: Grandma Chic or Plain Old Frumpy?

If there’s anything that proves that you don’t have to show skin to be trendy at the beach, it’s the recent fashion influx of vintage-inspired bathing suits. Celebs like Bella Thorn, Cher Lloyd and Taylor Swift have all been spotted sporting the look, but is it better left to grandma? A couple years ago, if… More »

Happy Easter: The Sweetest Of All Possible

Dear friends, I know that the next few days may be unique for you. I thought a lot of the concept for this blog. But I chose the sweetest of all…

Get The Look: Vintage Cheerleader

Nowadays, cheerleader uniforms are all about short skirts, bare midriffs, and giant hair bows. Don’t get me wrong, I totally cheered in high school and thought it was super fun, but truth is the outfits aren’t exactly modest. Oh how I envy cheerleaders from decades past. The uniforms were freaking adorable. Vintage cheerleader may very… More »

Getting Fancy 101: ASOS Salon Collection

ASOS just released a new collection of dresses that are GORGEOUS. They’re vintage inspired, with beautiful detailing and bright colors, perfect for summer. The price point is a little steep, but this collection…

Colorful Hairstyles

Colorful Hair,Hairdos and Hairstyles.

Retro Hairstyles

Retro Hair,Hairdo,Hairstyles.

Denisa Dvorakova for Vogue Mexico, August 2012

Denisa Dvorakova for Vogue Mexico, August 2012

5 Reasons To Love Never Shout Never’s ‘Indigo’

Never Shout Never is back with new tunes! Ever since the band released its song “Magic” back in September, I’ve been patiently waiting for their new album in its entirety. Indigo doesn’t…

Time Travel To The 50s With These Retro Style Houses

I can’t get enough vintage and retro and I love that so much of it has come back over the years. Whether it is fashion, accessories or stuff for your house and room, I’m obsessed. I came across some really cool 50s style architecture and houses that made me wish I could re do mine… More »

Flashback Friday: 10 Retro Entertainment We Miss

Remember when you were a kid and fun wasn’t about surfing the Internet or relying on technology to entertain you? Kids growing up these days and in the years to come probably won’t be too familiar with what that entails due to entertainment being so technology-driven. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and reminisce… More »

Back to the Future…

I am in love with these photos taken by Irina Werning.  It’s such an amazing concept – litterally imagining how people would feel and what they would look like if they were to reenact…

Retro Specs!

I am officially obsessed with Zanzan‘s Spring/Summer 2011 collection of sunglasses!  The new UK label creates handmade frames whose inspiration comes from all things 60s and 70s…totally reminds me of something Twiggy…

Wrap Up!

Top 20 Ultimate Faux Fur Coat – from retro to leopard print

Black Faux Fur Evening Coat, £305 at Anna Sui

Ava Faux Fur Coat, £69.99 at River Island


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