I LOVE Salvation Mountain!

Hello Moon Children! I am so fascinated by the masterpiece that is Salvation Mountain. It is located in the lower desert of Southern California and is made from adobe, straw, and thousands of gallons of paint. It was created by Leonard Knight as a tribute to God and his gift to the world, with its… More »

Thought #4: Christofer Drew Quote

Should Cee-Lo Have Changed the Lyrics to ‘Imagine?’

Last night, during Cee-Lo Green’s New Year’s Eve performance, he broke out the John Lennon hit “Imagine.” 

However, he made one lyrical change. Instead of singing “Nothing to kill or die for, And no religion too?” …

Katy Perry: Kissing Girls = Going To Hell?

This morning Katy Perry posted a picture and a link to a news story out of Columbus, Ohio that turned her lyrics into a message:

“It’s not something that




This is an absolute abomination and the fact that these people can claim they are doing “God’s work” in this situation makes me violently ill.  To put your own disgusting…

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