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Exclusive: Beau “Casper” Smart Talks About His New Show With JLo!

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Beau “Casper” Smart sat down with me and gave us all the important and exciting details of his new TV show called ‘A Step Away‘. Beau was the co creator…

The Truth About What It Takes To Let You Go

Do we ever really know when It’s time to let go? What makes us suddenly want to forget everything and move on? Can we ever really truly…

RIP: Kat Von D And Deadmau5 Are No More

Why do Kat Von D‘s dreams keep getting crushed? You know what, why do MY dreams keep getting crushed?! Everytime the girl gets engaged I fantasize about her elaborate gothic wedding to come, only for it to be cancelled due to infidelity. Kat JUST tweeted the following today: 🙁 Poor girl. Not to be r00d,… More »

Thought Blog: What Are We?

What are we? Three little words that have been swirling in my head constanly. Lately I’ve been trying to figure it out. Friends, guys, family, I’m in a state where I truthfuly have no…

See All The Photos From Shenae Grimes’ Dark Wedding

According to your guys’ comments last week, we’re down with Shenae Grimes‘ black and gray wedding dress. Today, there are more photos from the 23-year-old’s wedding to Josh Beech. Check them out to take a closer look at the Vera Wang gown, and more pictures from the intimate ceremony.

How To Get A Good Laugh From A Crazy Ex

First off, not every relationship ends miserably and not every ex is crazy BUT for those who do have a crazy ex, you will love this post. I found a hilarious meme and video about the crazy ex and it got me poking around the internet for more fun stuff. I figured hey if you… More »

80 Of The Best Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” Posts

If you have eyes or even ears there is a 90 percent chance you are in love with Ryan Gosling in some way. Whether it is his great acting in movies (and his abs) or his incredible voice in his band Dead Man’s Bones, he is just so lovable. Every since The Notebook I have… More »

Selena Gomez & The Biebs Back Together?!

If you’ve been keeping up with this Hollywood couple you might be convinced that Jelena is currently back on. It was only a matter of time before they rekindled after their recent splitSelena…

I Wonder If You Ever Just Stop And Think “Man, I Miss Her”

A thought that has been keeping me up until the wee hours of the morning. You see, our story never really had an ending. I was too much…

Pete Wentz COMPLIMENTS Ashlee Simpson’s Parenting Skills

Despite any drama that might have occured between the former reinging King and Queen of eyeliner, Pete Wentz

It’s Not Over? Miley Cyrus Still Wearing Liam’s Ring

For those of you who’ve been following the latest scoop on Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus‘ relationship you might be a little thrown off by the photo Miley recently tweeted of herself wearing her engagement…

Show Us Your Tatts: Feat. Pete Wentz

It has been a while since I have done a feature on the topic of one of my favorite things ever, tattoos. I personally am addicted to them and have got quite the collection. In honor of Fall Out Boy‘s reunion I HAD to do this one on Pete Wentz. I feel like we have… More »

Thought Blog: Hi_____, Thanks For Showing Up Again

We all have that person who comes in and out of our lives like magic. They send you a text, email, tweet, a “Hey miss you”. They show up when you have almost forgotten about…

The Evolution Of Chris Brown

I know that NOW people seem to either LOVE or HATE Chris Brown due to obvious Rihanna based situations that occured a few years back. However, when I was growing up Chris Brown, Lil Romeo and Lil Bow Wow were the same age as us and we had yet to see them grow up and… More »

Hey You, Why Did You Change?

A blog is suppose to be a place where you share your feelings, right? A place where you can just be stripped,raw and tell your side of a story. Lay it all out…

Singles Valentines Day Survival Guide

Ok let’s be honest Valentine’s Day is really just a commercial holiday that get’s the economy going. I have never been one to take it SO serious, although, it can’t really be avoided! If you are single, don’t worry here is a list of 17 things you and your friends can do and beat the… More »

Celeb DOs & DON’Ts Of A Relationship

It’s no secret Hollywood relationships come and go like yesterday’s headlines! It’s really hard to keep it together and do so in the public eye! Still, on the upside for us, celebs ultimately set relationship examples – both good and bad – that we can learn from. From sad mistakes to pointers we should take… More »

Tattoo Inspiration: Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Love is in the air, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. This is the time of year where people either hold their loved ones closer or find new ones to love themselves! I came across some super cute heart tattoos to inspire you to get in the pink state of mind. Which tattoo do… More »

Evolution Of A Relationship: Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone

When we first heard Amazing Spiderman co-stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were a couple off-screen, we were a little skeptical. We didn’t want to believe two incredibly amazing actors were giving the old Hollywood romance thing a go, especially when relationships tend to come and go in the blink of an eye in Tinseltown…. More »

Evolution Of A Relationship: Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth

Let’s be honest, when our fave adorable lovebirds Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth first fell in L-O-V-E while filming the 2010 Nicholas Sparks love story, The Last Song we all thought it was going to be a fling, but the duo has proved us all wrong! Three years later, the former Disney tween queen and… More »