Wonderful day, Bob Marley & Axl Rose birthdays’

Well, two of the biggest stars share today their birthday, so actually I love both, but each one has his own style and his own music, first we have to king of reggae, Robert Nesta Marley Booker or better known as Mister BOB MARLEY, he born in Jamaica and died too young but his music… More »

Justin Bieber Takes on Dubstep: What’s Next?

Everyone’s favorite potential baby daddy Justin Bieber is planning on dabbling with some dubstep on his upcoming album. While sitting down with <a…

ELAN Debuts Sophomore Solo Album ‘We Are’

ELAN (Elan Atias) is best known for his role as the lead singer of the reggae band The Wailers – but now he is stepping out with his solo debut album.


Total Inspiration: Shut up and Dance!

Did you heard about him? It’s legendary Rocky Leon! He’s a musician and traveler. It seems that he’s the most positive person on the earth. When I look at him I wanna live! This shine in his eyes is thrilling! If you wanna be happy too but don’t know how – check it! Catch positive… More »

Total Inspiration: Look like the SUN

Wonderful vocalist of Ukrainian band SunSay – SUN. I love all what he does. His music is indescribably beautiful. He totally inspires me at all: in outlook on life,music,style..And he is the future sensei.

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