red flags

D*ck In Disguise: Hidden Relationship Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

There’s really no better feeling in the world than when you find a romantic plus one to do everything with. The endless texts, fun adventures, mundane errands feeling like the most fun when it’s with them…siiigh. The only problem when the warm fuzzies are going full throttle, is the potential for the rose color glasses to… More »

11 Red Flags To Look For When Dating A New Dude

The excitement of talking to a new guy you’re into can make you feel like a puppy love obsessed tween all over again. It all starts out fine. In the beginning, he’s charming, sweet, respectful, kind. Then all of a sudden those red flags start showing and you’re frozen in place as you try to… More »

5 Red Flags The Person You’re Dating Is A D-Bag

I don’t know if it’s just me, but dating these days seems to be like one big disappointment. Meeting someone and making an insta-connection always feels good. There’s the attention, the fun dates, the compliments, the excitement that you might finally be on your way to having a steady plus one to everything, then you wake… More »

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