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Countess LuAnn’s New Music Video: “Chic C’est La Vie”

I must say, watching The Real Housewives of New York City is a guilty pleasure of mine (actually watching the Real Housewives in EVERY city), so I was delighted to see Countess…

My (Bisexual) Pitch to MTV!

Dear MTV Executives,

Recently it came to my attention that not only were you planning a second season of A Shot At Love, your so called “bisexual ‘reality’ show,” you also had the audacity to refer…

Joey Fatone’s Star Wars Tango

Because people wanted to know. Joey Fatone and Kim Johnson perform a Star Wars themed tango on Dancing with the Stars. This is the finale version, which was a stronger dance, and had a cooler pose at the end. This is, possibly, the most awesome thing to ever come out of reality TV.

The Real Queen

Miz Jay Alexander kills it at the Vh1 Big in ’06 Awards. The Diva of America’s Next Top Model took part in a very special segment devoted to some of your favorite reality TV stars. And,… from

Even Better Than Winning!

Hey may have come in fourth on American Idol this past season, but Chris Daughtry’s new album just debuted at #2 on the U.S. album charts! Kinda coming out of nowhere, the baldie’s self-titled debuted sold… from

Simon Cowell: “The Best Contestant I’ve Ever Seen!”

We love us some diva actions, and we’re not talking about Simon Cowell, though we do love him too. It is our pleasure to introduce to non-UK audiences to Leona Lewis, a contestant on the new…

Parade of Poseurs

Be warned America: a shitstorm of C and D listers are coming to a city near you!! Dancing With the Stars is going on tour, and though the show is a ratings success, we have a… from

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