7 Exceptional Covers From Buzzworthy Artists

Cover songs are a way for artists to pay homage to their favorites. It also gives them the opportunity to branch out of their comfort zones and create something different than what fans are used…

Skye Sweetnam: Still Making Noise, Just Not In The Basement

If you were anything like me in high school, your Friday nights consisted of kicking back in front of the TV and watching the Friday night lineup on…

An Inside Look To Blaqk Audio’s New Year’s Eve!

Has anyone been missing Davey Havok and Jade Puget as much as us?! The guys have been working hard on their side project, Blaqk Audio, and I was super stoked to be front row for a performance at an AMAZING New Year’s Eve party in Beverly Hills, thrown by Anaheim Angel’s pitcher, C.J. Wilson and… More »

Song Twins V

Songs of the same name battle it out… this is the first one we’ve done in 2011, so let’s see if the new songs get any love! We’ve got track from All Time Low, The Sounds, Panic at the Disco, 30 Seconds to Mars and more… Nostalgia: Song Twins III, Song Twins IV

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