Rihanna’s Controversial ‘Man Down’ Video: Violence, Assault and Rape

Lemme get this out of the way: the plot of Rihanna’s video for her song “Man Down” follows the singer as she experiences aquaintance rape and responds by shooting her rapist.

(TRIGGER WARNING: obviously, this video…

The Absolutely Disgusting “Women As Meat” Shirt

You know, it’s 2011.  You figure by now we’d be a little farther along the “equality” escalator and be a little closer to treating each other like human beings.

And yet, there’s constantly some brat trying…

Bid On a Stratocaster Guitar Signed by Billy Corgan FOR CHARITY

RAINN, or the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network is a group dedicated to helping survivors of sexual assault and abuse find help and healing.  They offer free confidential counseling to those in need along…

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