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Music Stuff 4/18

Save Internet Radio…. again. (Buzzfeed)

Stream some new Amber Pacific tracks. (MySpace)

Patti Smith covers Nirvana. (Stereogum)

New Radiohead song clip. (NME)

What tunes will accompany <a style="font-weight: bold;"…

Music Stuff 3/15

Sum41 album out this summer. (punknews)Radiohead: Rebels without a Contract. (musicslut)The Almost have a website now.Timbaland wants Guitar Hero for Hip-Hop heads. (sohh)

Radiohead- Sex Music??

14.2.07 Christina On Thom Yorke: ‘Good Sexy-Time Music!’ Who is she? Borat?Sorry, I couldn’t resist posting this blurb!The 26-year-old has confessed her own music is a turn-off when she is having sex with husband Jordan…

Music Buzz 2/9

Pete talks about Panic! Babyface and “The Leak” (RS)Zune is giving away a whole bunch of free mp3s. (artistdirect)MC Lars releasing a track a month. (punktastic)Want up to the minute Radiohead news? (dailyrefill)

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