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Adele Taking Time to Experience Life Before Releasing New Music

The golden girl of the year Adele has revealed she is working on new music and is waiting for life to inspire her new record. The 23-year-old singer called into a <a href=""…

X Factor Producer & Simon Cowell Talk About Britney

Ryan Seacrest asked X Factor Executive Producer, Andrew Llineras, if Britney’s planning on participating as a judge for the hit show. Check out what he had to say:

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Boys Like Girls Reveal New Album & Touring Plans

Boys Like Girls have been on a hiatus for the past several years– but the guys will be back on the scene soon with a new album and plans to tour as much…

The 13th Anniversary Of The Ultimate Britney’s Fan – My 13 Fav Interviews

October 24th is around the corner and this is the next to last blog dedicated to my Queen B, I’m really proud about all the blogs I wrote about…

Britney Spears: New Capital FM Interview

Check out this new interview of Britney on Capital FM radio from her UK media tour several weeks back.

KISS FM (UK): Britney Spears meets Rickie, Melvin & Charlie

Britney Spears popped in the Kiss FM studios to chat with Rickie, Melvin & Charlie. She’s one of the most famous women in the world — but Britney Spears likes watching X Factor, just like the rest of us! Check out the video of when she visited the KISS studios to meet Rickie, Melvin and… More »

New Radio Interview With In Demand

In Demand played Britney songs for an hour on Monday, including “Baby One More Time,” “My Prerogative” and “He About To Lose Me.” During the hour, they interviewed Britney. She reveals she loves Adele and Jessie J has a craving to watch Jersey Shore once in awhile and loves to eat spaghetti. Check it out!

EXCLUSIVE: Dj JoJo Wright Interviews Britney’s manager Larry Rudolph

Larry says that he has never seen Britney works so much in 16 years of career how she did for Femme Fatale Tour and he says that this tour is his favorite one and there are a lot of possibilities that this tour will be avaiable in DVD/Bluray, but it’s not official at 100%. The… More »

“Britney is larger than life” word of Ke$ha

Yes they’re featured on Till The World Remix together, but check out Britney meeting Ke$ha for the first time at Wango Tango over the weekend.

“Britney is a pop icon,”…

A fresh Britney Spears hosting Wango Tango Concert

Stepping out for her guest co-host duties, Britney Spears was busy entertaining the audience at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on Saturday night (May 14).

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Since the release of Rihanna and Britney Spears‘ collaboration for a remix of Ri’s smash hit “S&M,” fans of both artists have been clamoring for a video to the dance hit.…

Rihanna defends Britney to radio host

Rihanna called into DJ Lil Cee’s 3PM-7PM afternoon show on 92.3 NOW FM to talk about the “S&M” remix featuring Britney. When the host questioned whether Britney really brought her A game in the recording studio for her part of the song, Rihanna defended Britney saying she was very enthusastic about it and sounds great… More »

Nicki Minaj On Britney Spears: ‘We’re Going To Kick Major Ass’

Rap Goddess and fashion icon Nicki Minaj…

Rihanna: “We [Britney & I] will be performing S&M”

In a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest, Rihanna admits fans WILL see “S&M” performed on stage at the Billboard Music Awards, and says WE. Meaning Rihanna AND Britney? Let the speculation begin! Check it out at 8:35


Check out this new interview of Britney on radio show BLI! She talks about being nervous performing in front of small crowds, working on TV, her favorite music lately and more

Britney Spears Capital FM interview 3-30-2011

Britney was interviewed by Capital FM in the UK today. The interview was going great… until her management told the interviewer to shutup. They cut it short as a result! Britney says she’s very confident on the stage, but offstage she is very shy. She’d love to work with Kylie Minogue and do a pop… More »

Britney Spears Interview with Nick Cannon 3-30-11

Britney was interviewed by artist Nick Cannon this morning on his website. Nick and Britney talked about the excitement that having children can bring into your life. Brit‘s favorite thing to do with her kids is to just bum around the house and cook for them.

Britney’s Z-100 Interview

Check out Britney’s Z-100 pre-taped radio interview from this morning!

The radio hosts told Britney about her BS Alert section on her website, which she apparently had no idea existed! She also talks about…

Britney Spears talks about her new Femme Fatale album with Ryan Seacrest



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