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#FBF 8 Mean Girls GIFs We Still Live By

Back in 2004, Mean Girls hit the big screen. This hilarious teen comedy written by Tina Fey and starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams, was pretty much everything. It made us laugh, cry, and re-evaluate all those wild High School norms. Well, maybe it’s been 13 years, but we still live for this flick. On… More »

#FBF Top 8 GIFs From The Notebook

Ok, so maybe The Notebook came out in 2004. Honestly, it doesn’t matter. That movie is aging like a fine ass wine. On this #FBF, let’s review The Notebook in all its glory. The absurd Nicholas Sparks’ love story starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams basically gave an entire generation of women unrealistic expectations about… More »

15 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Notebook

The Notebook will forever be one of best romance movies ever made. The story of Noah and Allie is everything #relationshipgoals stands for and it’s literally impossible to watch the movie without an ugly cry face. In celebration of Valentines Day just a couple weeks away, check out these eye popping facts about this film you… More »

QUIZ: How Well Do You Remember Mean Girls?

Top 5 Box Office Bombs Of 2015

Going to the movies has officially become a “to do.” With so many great TV shows and home entertainment options, the allure of “Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime/HBO Go and Chill” is keeping more people (Buzznet staff included!) on the couch instead of in the movie theatre. Sure, 2015 saw some blockbusters. Jurassic World killed it thanks to the… More »

“Mean Girls” Cast Reunites for Entertainment Weekly Shoot

Ten years after the cult classic Mean Girls was released, the cast reunited for a photo shoot in Entertainment Weekly’s latest issue… and I couldn’t be more excited. Mean Girls is one of my favorite films (I quote it daily), so I was super stoked for this reunion shot by Ruven Afanador. Lindsay Lohhan, Rachel… More »

Rachel McAdams Stuns About ‘About Time’ World Premiere

Rachel McAdams is such a gorgeous woman. And even better, she’s not afraid to experiment with style. She’s been…

80 Of The Best Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” Posts

If you have eyes or even ears there is a 90 percent chance you are in love with Ryan Gosling in some way. Whether it is his great acting in movies (and his abs) or his incredible voice in his band Dead Man’s Bones, he is just so lovable. Every since The Notebook I have… More »

20 Celebs Who Rock Pastel Locks

Colored hair is a trend we have been seeing a lot of this past year. From dip-dye to chalking to going full on pastel, I love it all! Coloring your hair can give you a different look and you can express yourself however you want. You can be daring, bold, crazy or classy! I LOVE… More »

Channing Tatum Admits His Acting Isn’t Amazing

It’s funny the things Hollywood stars will openly admit. Whether it be a quirky habit or an outfit they’d rather forget, it’s usually pretty entertaining, but the thing we never really…

Evolution of: Rachel McAdams

Happy birthday to the lovely Rachel McAdams! It seems like it was just yesterday we were watching her yell at Gretchen for trying to make ‘fetch’ happen. –and we definitely will never forget how jealous she made us when she got to play Ryan Gosling’s love interest in ‘The Notebook’…. AND then stole his heart… More »

10 Lucky Ladies of Ryan Gosling We Wish We Were

As one of the finest actors in Hollywood and a real-life superhero, Ryan Gosling is without a doubt one of the most eligible bachelors on the planet. What would it be like to date the uber-hunk that is Ry-Gos? Any one of these ladies on this list could definitely give you some insight! From onscreen… More »

Which Starlet Almost Had Rachel McAdams’ Role in ‘The Notebook’?

Imagine what life would be like if The Notebook starred anyone other than Ryan Gosling and Rachel…

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Selena Gomez

Actress/Singer Selena Gomez is the epitome of cute, sassy, cool and it doesn’t hurt that she has dated the likes of Nick Jonas and Just Bieber!

It seems…

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Rachel McAdams

Some things we already know about Canadian born actress Rachel McAdams:
She’s super talented, breathtakingly beautiful, and always knows how to rock a red carpet.


20 Sizzling Summer Crushes: HOT GIRLS

What’s a Hot Guys gallery without an equivalent Hot Girls list as well? After all, girls are just as attractive as guys are, and no one gets left out – especially the fierce ladies of this list! Here’s a gallery of our 20 sizzling summer crushes, the Hot Girls edition. Which of these 20 smokin’… More »

Ryan Gosling And Olivia Wilde: New Couple?

Looks like all signs point to Ryan Gosling and Olivia Wilde as Hollywood’s hot new couple. The Tron: Legacy actress, who recently split with her former Italian prince hubby Tao Ruspoli,…

Wednesday Buzz 3/14

Katie Holmes is being punished for being assertive. (PopBytes)The Real World wants AMBITIOUS cast members next season. Fancy that! (realityblurred)Mischa & Fergie, drunkards. (Evil Beet)Whos gonna spring for the Jessica Simpson photography book?! Haha (ONTD)PS….

Tuesday Buzz 3/6

Heroes theories! Woo! (nbc)Free Starbucks Coffee on March 15th!!! (slashfood)Rachel McAdams says Vegetarianism makes her sleepy. (PopBytes)The grossest pics you will ever see of Jared Leto. (ONTD)Kristin Cavalleri says MTV ruined Laguna Beach. The place,…

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