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Buzznet Exclusive: The Used Talk Warped Tour Circle Pits (VIDEO)

When I was told I was going to be talking to The Used. My stomach flipped lol. I got super nervous and kind of turned into a fan girl walking on their bus to…

Buzznet Exclusive: The Used On Their New Album ‘Vulnerable’

It has been three years since The Used released an album, and today their new album Vulnerable dropped! We were lucky enough to catch up with them at SXSW this year to…

Buzznet Exclusive: The Used Talk Warped Tour Rumors And Life On The Road!

There’s no denying that Warped Tour is one of summer’s most popular music tours. Serving as a platform for up and coming bands to be heard, while giving established…

The Used Hit SoCal With Low-Pro, High-Energy Set

Irvine, CA—When I mentioned to my friends that I was going to see The Used, more than half of the responses were “Oh, they’re still a band?” Yeah, so, the…

Bert McCracken bangs on some stuff with the Street Drum Corps

– Taken at 10:10 PM on January 11, 2008 – cameraphone upload by ShoZu

Who needs real love? (hi will u b my ‘maginary boyfren?)

I got TAGGED by Hulda! 🙂

1. You post your top 10 fantasy guys/girls
2. You tag 10 people.
3. You CANNOT tag someone who has already been tagged.
4. You have to let the people you tagged…

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