Tokio Hotel Hold An Exclusive Press Conference In Berlin

Tokio Hotel are back in German all together.

YES! Because this morning the four had an exclusive press conference in Berlin for their upcoming new album, Kings Of…

Tokio Hotel Ask You What’s Your Favorite Scene Of Tokio Hotel TV

Few hours ago Tokio Hotel shared the fifth episode of Tokio Hotel TV.

Now the band is asking us to tell what’s our favorite scene of the…

Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato Shopping Together Evokes Eternal Style Paradox

Are you a Ginger or a Mary Ann? A Jessie Spano or Kelly Kapowski? Christina or Britney? The dueling nature between women’s style as girl-next-door or sexy-with-an-edge is a tale as old as time. Taylor…

What Does Being A Music Fan Mean Today?

I’ve been traveling a lot this year, attending shows and interviewing bands. I’ve been tossed into so many fandoms that i started asking myself this question, “What Does It Mean To Be A…

MoonChild Q&A!!!

This weeks MoonChild Q&A is from Lioy from France! Name : Lioy Herz Kimyona Age : 19 Country : France Favorite music : Pop , Rock , Alternative , Bubblegoth , Metal <3 Favorite color : Black ,white , red & blue Biggest inspiration : For me it’s music and especially the art graphics and… More »

What means the dream of tonight?

Everyone of us every night dream something: sometimes we remember exactly what we dreamt and sometimes not, sometimes we had nightmares and sometimes we didn’t know what mean our…


Since this is the weekend here at Buzznet I though I would post a photo to see it you could guess what this is ? It’s not a painting : D

Leopard Schocking Pink Nails

Everyone of you knows my addiction for leopard print and for schocking pink, so I linked my two obessions together and I’ve just ended to put the polish on my nails.

WROOARHHH!!! hahahah


Long Way To Happy – Ask me somethin’ ;)

For this month I’ve had an idea, in this last period Buzznet has been so generous with me: my posts in home page, myself as Buzznet stars,…

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