25 Adorable Dogs Ready for Easter

This Sunday is Easter, which means kiddos across the globe will dress up in floral dresses and toddler suits to pick up pastel eggs in sweet wicker baskets. Of course, we recognize it’s an important religious holiday for many people, but it also happens to be a glorious day filled with spring colors, amazing candy,… More »

Puppies Excited About Spring Just As Much As We Are

Ahh spring has finally arrived! Spring is that time of year where the cold moves it’s way out, things start to bloom and the warm weather makes its way back in, leading us into summer and all things carefree. What better way to celebrate than with a gallery of cute puppies, right? You can never… More »

30 Dogs in Love With Valentine’s Day

So, we’ve made it to February, ya’ll. Finally, those annoying Whole30, Keto, Paleo, or Atkins diets have come to a close and 2018 resolutions are taking a backseat. Now, the shortest month of the year is upon us and every grocery store and pharmacy is an explosion of red, pink, and white in honor of… More »

Adorable Dogs In Halloween Costumes!

If you’re a puppy owner one of the best things about Halloween is the opportunity to dress up your adorable dog in an utterly amazing costume! If you haven’t gotten around to finding the perfect one to get your pup in the spirit, click into the gallery above for some super cute, creative, and easy… More »

Teeny Tiny Puppies To Steal Your Heart

Happy Friday! They may not be fashion or music centric, but puppies are an undeniable favorite here at Buzznet. These so-cute-you-want-to-kick-them photos of little furballs are so extremely tiny and offensively cute, you can’t help but  oooh and AWWWW over them to help make your day just a little brighter. Enjoy! xo

10 Dogs We Fell In Love With On The Silver Screen

I think we can all agree… movies, TV, social media, and life in general are better with dogs. They’re cute, they’re cool, and they love us unconditionally. There’s been a plethora of show dogs who have stolen our hearts on the big screen. From Toto to Marley and Beethoven, these angel beasts make cinema adorable… More »

Puppy Valentines Guaranteed To Melt Your Stone Cold Heart

Whether you’re a Valentine’s Day enthusiast or a total hater, there’s always one thing to look forward to every February 14th. That my friends, is the opportunity to look at adorable photos of puppies and dogs. It’s why all holidays were invented, right? From vintage puppy valentines to real-life dogs dressed in their finest love-inspired… More »

Cuteness Overload: Babies + Puppies = BFFs

Ok! Let’s be real. Babies and puppies separately are ADORABLE, but when you put the two together: talk about cuteness overload! Check out these pics below of the cutest baby & puppy BFF pairs. I promise you won’t regret it!

Puppies First Christmas: 6 Gifs That Will Make You Say AWWWW


I don’t know what to say here except that I had to share this with someone because I couldn’t keep it to myself. That someone is you! Basically…just…Christmas + Puppies. What…

WATCH: LIVE Puppy Stream To Support ECAD

Check out this live puppy stream to help make your day — and spread awareness for ECAD

28 Puppies & Kittens Who Love Fall

Fall is coming up fast and it’s the best time to play outside with your pets. With the leaves falling and the bright colors we just love spending time outdoors. Here’s some puppies and kittens that would agree with us! More For You Fall In Love With… Yoda The Cat On Vine Instagram Of The… More »

11 Amazingly Athletic Dogs That Make Me Want To Stop Being Lazy

Dogs, even in their laziest, fattest forms, are amazing. They’re so lovable they turn us into blubbering baby talkers and professional doo doo picker-uppers. I just rescued a pup and I must abmit Deputy Seymour…

Buzznet Breakdown: May 5

Sunday has crept up on us once again but you know what that means! It is time for the Buzznet Breakdown! Here is where we share some of our fave posts from the…

Good morning!

Chunk &I just wanted to tell you all good morning on our way to work today. Chunk is my friend Linc’s new bulldog pup. I completely obsessed.

Best Of Buzznet On Facebook

We’ve posted a lot of photos on Facebook since our page creation in 2005 (gasp! 7 years already!). We’re here to bring you a little clump of the best photos from our Facebook’s past, ranging from concert photography, to rock band babes, puppies, nail art, and cats. LOTS OF CATS. Be sure to “like” our… More »

Things That Make Me Happy!!

I am very happy today because my Daddy is here to visit me from Canada, I have 4 amazing days with him! yay! There are tons of things that make me happy, and I’m just feeling really happy this weekend. Check out all of these adorable photos of baby kittens, tea, love, balloons and all… More »

37 Heart-Stoppingly Cute Puppies for National Puppy Day

The reason we are all at school and work on a national holiday such as today, baffles me. You would think that on March 23rd – NATIONAL PUPPY DAY that all US residents would be given a pass to go home and snuggle with their furry bretheren. I give you all full permission to speak… More »

Hot Male Celebrities And Their Dogs

Check out this gallery of our favorite SEXY male celebs with their pups. What can be better? 😉

Question of the Day: What’s making you happy right now?

Things that are making me happy right now:

What’s making you happy right now?



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