Happy Spook Day! How Are You Dressed For Halloween?

One of my favorite days of the year is finally here! It’s awesome to see people in costume with some genuine Halloween spirit. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I rode the Metro this…

My Two New Kawaii Friends!

Today I’ve been at IKEA with my parents because they needed new shelfes for their bedroom. But you know I’ve already bought the big carrot the last time I’ve been and now they made also the little one and Mr. Broccoli too! *_* I really love them!!!! I bought also a lot of new candles:… More »

Eeyore & I

This morning I was at the mall with my mom and there are a lot of grabber machines, in a one there are a lot of Winnie The Pooh characters. Months ago I got Winnie The Pooh with the bathrobe, now it’s time of Eeyore! It’s so cuteeeeeeeeeee!!! *w*

My new puppet!

My mom’s gift! I love it!!! It’s so fluffy!

THIS IS TOPO GIGIO………I enjoyed this little mouse when I was young !!!

But he spoke English then, I used to watch him on the Ed Sullivan Show when I was growing up. I was hoping one of my friends on here that could translate this song into English.I was amazed at how calm these kittens seemed to be with this puppet !!!! OOP’s excuse me TOPO, I… More »

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