punk rock

Style Inspiration: Punk Rock Rules!

When you hear the words, “punk rock,” images of leather, studs, pins, chains, edgy textures, distressed denim, and perfectly worn out vintage band tees come to mind. It’s not a look everyone can pull off (or want to wear on the daily), but as we head into cooler temps, there are elements of this style… More »

The New Stuff SUCKS! – Artists And The Curse Of Nostalgia

Dave Chappelle, one of the world’s funniest comedians, has recently been heckled when trying out some new material at one of his shows. The man was shot into super-stardom…

What Got Hayley Williams Tweeting Mad?!

It’s no secret Paramore’s Hayley Williams is a strong supporter of self-expression and staying true to yourself. Her wild hair, tattoos and amazing style shows off…


The Riot Grrrl movement started in 1991 and was a mix of feminism, art, punk rock and girl love. Here’s a mix of images and information of, by and for Riot Grrrls, old and new. For more information, check out this awesome NPR article on the 20th Anniversary of Riot Grrrl, as well as FYeahRiotGrrrl… More »

Tony of The Exposed Talks Toiling for Warped Tour

UK punkers The Exposed spent all summer rocking the Kia Kevin Says stage as part of the 2011 Warped Tour. Buzznet talked to their main man Tony about all the years they put in to…

Punk Rock Fashion

of all the eras and type of fashion, punk is definitely in my top 3. studs, leather, ripped tees, colored hair, what’s not to love? here’s some of my favorite and most inspirational examples of punk fashion… xoxxoxo

Total Inspiration: Will Rusakov

Today, it’s russian (again, yes) actor and rock musician Will Rusakov. He began acting in movies even when he was a kid. Then Will started playing in a band Teplye Dni (eng. Warm Days), which recently celebrated their seven-year anniversary. Diversify talented guy. And he looks so textured that I’m just going crazy..Enjoy!)

The Pixies Plan to Record a New Album

The Pixies, the Boston alternative rock/punk group that formed in 1986 and inspired a large number of current artists, haven’t put out a new album since 1991.  Granted, they also split up in 1993 and…

Why Hayley Williams, Atlantic Records and The State of Paramore Matter

One of the biggest issues that’s come out of the current Paramore drama is the continued accusation that Paramore is a manufactured band.  That a potential pop star was teamed with a group of musicians…

Death By Flowers

Its a rainy gloomy day and im drinking tea out of my favorite teacup, about to sit in a hot bubble bath before meeting my friend at a cafe to get some work done. Tonight is the Punk Film festival, screenings of the most influential punk rock documentary’s of the 70’s! Rain makes being lazy… More »

The Punks Take Back What is Theirs (Warped Tour 2009 in Pittsburgh, PA)

So, this year there’s been a lot of controversy about certain acts on Warped Tour.  Certain acts who don’t really seem to capture the “spirit” of Warped Tour (two of which have been caught lip…

Britney Spears is so Punk Rock

The Daily Texan has an, um, interesting article that suggests that Britney has gone from Pop-icon to Punk Rocker. And they’re totally serious.It dabbles in the history of punk rock, then shifts to the history…

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