Glee’s Shocking New PSA (VIDEO)

Glee fans were shocked when Dianna Agron‘s character, Quinn, was hit by a car while driving carelessly. Now the FOX show has gone even further, releasing a PSA for texting and driving. The show…

Music Pills [Week #1]

I decided to create this serie of blogs about music.

Every week I will share with you the most exciting, curious and funny news about music world.

I’m not going to include only infos about my favorite…

Just say no to texting while walking

Texting while walking is a dangerous affair! You know you’ve seen it. There’s an endless parade of poor blokes tripping over curbs while playing draw something on a stroll. Or maybe you’ll see a gal walking top-of-the-head first into a street lamp as she tries desperately to buy something using her gilt app. Looking down… More »

Kelly Clarkson’s LOL PSA Outtakes

Kelly Clarkson knows the importance of music programs in schools, and she also knows how to laugh at herself.

As we shared with you recently, the original American Idol shot a PSA for <a href=""…

Against Me! Rock the Vote PSA Featuring ‘Stop!’

Not just a PSA for Rock the Vote, my friends! This 39-second clip of awesome is ALSO an exclusive sneak peek at Against Me’s new video for “Stop!”

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