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Did you remember about this campaign a couple of months ago? Bill & Tom Kaulitz want animals out from circus and zoo and for  this reason they posed for this shooting.

In these last hours, two…

Jessie and The Toy Boys, Nervo Sisters opening for Britney tour

We may know Nicki Minaj is confirmed to open for Britney, but she ain’t the only lady taking the Femme Fatale stage! Britney Tweeted saying more artists will open…


I’m just come back from music store and I have Femme Fatale’s promotional board!!!

Awww I’m fucking happy about it, shop assistants know me really well, and everytime they laid aside if…

Britney interviewed by Rolling Stone

Britney gave a surprise interview to Rolling Stone. Check it out:

Do your kids like the new record? What have they said about it?
Yes. They definitely dance…

Tokio Hotel in Tokyo – Nico Nico Live (February 11th, 2011) + UPDATE (PICS, VIDEO MESSAGE, VIDEOS + DOWNLOAD)

Last day in Japan for Tokio Hotel.

Today the band was at Nico Nico Live


Tokio Hotel in Tokyo – Promo (Feb 8th, 2011) + UPDATE (INTERVIEW FOR GEKIROCK.COM)

First pic of Tokio Hotel for today

Monsun Magazin Twitter

Universal said: “Bill drank a strawberry juice and Tom an orange juice at lunch. Today a lot…

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